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Early Intervention Programmes

Early Intervention Programmes

The AaytoZee’s early intervention programmes are fully inspired by the global movement “Education For All’ (EFA) and in line for the 21st century known as the four pillars of learning namely: learning to know, leaning to do, learning to be, and learning to live together.

The programmes ensure that all children will receive quality education through our diverse teaching methods, differentiated activities, and structured mainstream-based curriculum. Our Early Intervention Programme (EIP) has created a multi-disciplinary team of school administrators, early intervention specialists, educational therapist, occupational therapists, speech therapist, regular and special education teachers. We support and champion parents to uphold, advocate, provide and instil in every child the importance of acquiring quality early childhood intervention.

Neurotypical children are given integration opportunities with mainstream students to help improve their socialisations skills. Our current practices for keeping parents abreast of their child’s daily involvement are through progress reports and projected individualised learning schedules. We advocate having information about what the child does each day to allow the parents to begin a dialoufe with the child. Parents will then be able to prompt their child to engage in reciprocal socialisation about their day, fostering a conducive home environment.

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